2020 Video: 3 Tips to Fine Tune Your Resolution

Jan 22, 2020 7:30:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

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As video content creators and digital marketers adapt to this century’s roaring ‘20s, the growing landscape of online activity is reaching new heights.

Reports from Social Media Week indicate that within the first couple of years into this new and exciting decade, the internet will host up to 1 million videos per second.

Video owners and businesses alike are subsequently positioning themselves to meet this exponential growth in digital media by creating content that has the power to elevate itself above the unimaginably dense competition.

Through creative and strategic planning, there are several ways to reap the benefits of emerging trends to effectively captivate your viewers.

Read on to learn about the following 3 best tips to help you with:

  • Engaging Live Videos
  • Millennial Shoppers
  • Explainer Videos

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Engaging Live Videos

One of the biggest struggles a company or content owner can face is finding a way to effectively engage their audience. With the goal of creating a video that speaks to viewers in a manner that encourages sharing amongst their own social networks, there must be a high degree of authenticity conveyed.

As such, the future of video is being propelled by the prior success of live streaming. FinancesOnline supports this trend by noting a 79% increase in audience interactions with live videos, which converts into greater brand awareness and viewer activity.

In fact, we are seeing a steep rise in companies, such as Airbnb, Chevrolet and Starbucks that utilize live streaming platforms to reach and expand their audience by featuring announcements in this engaging format.

Live streaming provides viewers with the genuine perception that they are being given unrestricted access to your content. In contrast to VOD content, online viewers appreciate knowing that they are consuming unedited, authentic messaging free from corporate manipulation.

Presenting an idea, product or message in real-time takes a substantial amount of preparation and forethought, but the return on this investment can be exponential.

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Millennial Shoppers

Although it’s hardly a surprise that millennials have justifiably earned their reputation as pioneers of the digital landscape, it’s still important to note that according to techjury, 74% of this trendsetting generation use video when considering a purchase.

Therefore, it’s no secret that video plays an instrumental role in e-commerce—and its influential capacity is only getting stronger with time.

To promote a product in the best light possible, building the perfect online stage to showcase a service, brand or even idea, can add value to your already unique proposition.


Explainer Videos

Chances are if you've ever considered buying a must-have product, planned a dream vacation or simply wanted to learn more about a company, you have turned to explainer videos to learn more.

Acting as the video version of an elevator pitch, explainer videos give customers and information seekers a brief introduction on the differentiating factors offered by the owner. By broadcasting the most desirable features, you have the opportunity to appeal to viewers—not to mention prospective customers and followers—by offering insight into what makes your content different and valuable.

For example, here’s Vidflex’s own explainer video:



As we usher in a prosperous new decade and wistfully look back on the trends of the 2010s that brought us here, there is inherent value in keeping your sights set on the future.

Having the foresight to adapt to the constant changes that form how viewers interact with online content can ensure that your offering evolves with the new era rather than being left behind in web nostalgia.


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