Amplify Your Sermon: How to Reach More Followers with Video Hosting

Feb 27, 2020 7:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts


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Spreading God’s message through your passionate sermon can extend past the walls of your place of worship to reach countless believers. From your church to the homes of your attendees, spreading and accessing the good news is at the epitome of efficiency.


People Live Online

Millennial and Gen Z internet users continue to express their preference for online communication. Granted, it’s understandable to approach this new medium of communication with hesitation, in fear that in-person service attendance will move to online viewing. However, an article posted on MinistryTech opposes this reluctance by stating that the exposure provided by live streaming can have the reverse effects by actually increasing in-church attendance over time.

The growing majority of individuals—especially the Millennial and Gen. Z generations—prefer to consume their information online and actively interact with messaging portrayed through this medium. In fact, a recent figure suggests that “54% of Christian millennials currently watch online videos about faith or spirituality.”

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Expand Your Congregation

Thanks to an innovative digital landscape, no longer does a congregation have to be limited by physical mobility, location or varying work and school schedules. With an accommodative video hosting platform, you can reach people across vast areas and time zones.

Catering to the elderly, disabled or otherwise unable to travel, hosting sermons online removes any restriction to sharing the love of God. Transcending the traditional, in-person distribution of religious discussion to an online community requires but a small leap of faith.

Many churches are turning to video hosting as a means of extending their reach without hindering the message behind their sermon.

As a result, viewers from all walks of life and geographic location can conveniently be reached as long as they have access to an internet connection and viewing device. Whether you would prefer to broadcast a weekly sermon, a special holiday event or a giving campaign, your increased digital presence has the potential of raising awareness for all of your philanthropic endeavors.

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Record and Share Your Sermon    

Regardless of the physical location of your church, you have the freedom to record and share your message with your online community. With the capability of recording from the comfort of your place of worship, not only will remote viewers be able to follow along every Sunday, but also those who are able to meet in-person will still be able to pray together and maintain their own sense of community.

Live streaming affords viewers with the ability to maintain a sense of community and routine by partaking in a real-time sermon.

Imagine the convenience of being able to tune into Sunday morning Service while on vacation or a business trip. Even after your live sermon is completed, you have the option of uploading the video on-demand for later viewing pleasure. Then, as you compile a library of videos, you can organize the content as you see fit for easy accessibility, retrieval and reference purposes.

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Understand Your Followers Better

Through online tools, such as website analytics, you will have the newfound ability to track the engagement of your sermons to see where improvements can be made when speaking to ideal individuals and groups, like Millennials and Gen Zers.

As such, honing where and to whom your message will be best received ensures an optimal use of your time and resources.


Augment Your Message

Throughout history, the venue for sermons has changed drastically from the mount and the plain to the altar—and now includes the internet. There is an online audience ready to be reached and waiting to join you in praising God.


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