Maintain Business Continuity with Social Distancing Tools

Mar 26, 2020 11:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

As businesses make the mandatory move to an online space in response to social distancing efforts, the corporate world is becoming one of self-isolation.

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Rather than succumb to the obstacles that result from restricting in-person meetings due to health and safety concerns, your business can adapt to this volatile environment while minimizing disruption. With a multitude of advancements in technology, many businesses can now conduct operations and remain connected remotely - even in the face of global uncertainty.

While we can’t always anticipate when the world unexpectedly dictates change in our daily corporate lives, we can be ready and equipped with effective and efficient online tools to help promote business continuity. Moreover, familiarizing ourselves with the latest in connectivity tools, like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts and our very own Vidflex™ video platform, can not only bridge the gap in uncertain times, but also propel your operational capabilities forward.

  • Slack: Workflows and internal messaging system that promotes accountability and efficiency
  • Zoom: Interactive online forum to hold reciprocal meetings
  • Google Hangouts: Another popular online meeting software that enables audiovisual capabilities between team members
  • Vidflex: Video platform with features including audience control, archiving, VOD storage and live streaming for all of your business needs

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When choosing one or more of these online tools to help shift your business needs to a virtual platform, it’s advisable to first think about what priorities you have going forward, and subsequently, if the software has the functionality to support these priorities.

In particular, you can capitalize on archiving previously recorded and streamed content for later viewing pleasure. This is an efficient way to preserve meetings to use as reliable resources indefinitely. By building this video library of business updates and corporate events, those who missed the original stream can benefit from referencing any one of your saved videos in the future. As such, enlisting video hosting services that offer this functional tool can add value and cut expenses by allowing you to catalogue and repurpose your videos.

Host a video on demand library securely with Vidflex™

For instance, it could be advantageous to use video hosting and streaming to support:

Once you’ve identified the areas in your business that could be replaced or enhanced by online video, you can then begin shortlisting a number of must-have features when shopping for a software that best suits your needs. Ultimately, this forethought and planning will prepare you for uncertain times, leave your continued success unhindered by external influences and potentially reduce the negative impact of resulting complications.

From assembling your team on a virtual platform to streaming conference events across the world, and distributing corporate updates with stakeholders to connecting with colleagues, you have the ability to reduce travel expenditures while proactively responding to our ever-changing social landscape.


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