Vidflex™: Connecting Local Communities

Apr 6, 2020 7:45:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

The Vidflex™ video platform is built specifically to meet the needs of communities around the world, thereby interconnecting people to be able to share ideas, encourage a cohesive culture and promote seamless communication.

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What constitutes a community, you might ask? In our eyes, it’s any group of individuals who share common interests, values, beliefs or passions. Whether we are helping a church build its congregation, facilitating an expanded reach for corporate affairs, fostering pride and identity in a city, town or municipality, or supporting a sports team to grow its fan-base, a dominant sense of community guides how we approach video hosting.


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Centralized Media Centre

Providing a digital channel to members of these diverse communities enables them to adopt a centralized media center, where a customizable video portal is used as a hub for all community activities. This virtual tool has the capability to distribute information, organize events and foster connectivity amongst community members.

To transition to a digital forum, churches might benefit from a media center that can stream weekly services and sermons, while having the ability for its congregation to participate by uploading their own videos. Or, stream private events such as weddings, baptisms, christenings or funerals.

Local municipalities and government departments have the potential to improve visibility of their initiatives by utilizing media centers to announce town halls, civic celebrations, fairs or trade shows, and city planning developments.

Businesses might build their media centers to host investor relations updates, team meetings and conferences to enrich their open lines of communication between management and staff, as well as between colleagues.

When building a platform for sports teams, leagues and associations, their media centers can consist of libraries of past and upcoming games, player announcements and championship celebrations.

Regardless of the commonly shared interest – be it business, religion, or athletics – that bring people together, we are dedicated to building online communities with media centers that are tailored to their unique needs.

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Teach, Entertain & Share

Our guiding philosophy with Vidflex™ is to provide communities with a digital meeting place, where members can engage with one another to promote a collective purpose. Ultimately, we understand the importance of having an effective method of enriching learning, enhancing entertainment and streamlining a distribution system.

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Reach & Engage with Members

Keeping community members apprised of recent developments, accomplishments and events through online assembly is a cost-effective and accommodating way to cater to not only personal preferences, but also restrictions resulting from mobility, travel or scheduling issues. For instance, rural communities and those with elderly members or individuals with exceptional needs, might be in a position to benefit from an expanded reach that transcends physical or geographical limitations.

In particular, live streaming and video on demand (VOD) are invaluable tools to meet community members – as well as the general public – where they live. By offering an alternative or supplemental virtual meeting place, communities with varying levels of activity and diverse needs are supported in this predominantly digital age.


At the heart of Vidflex™ is a desire to encourage a community’s collective passion, participation and connection, whereby members can uphold their own sense of community both in-person and online.


Visit our website to learn more about our Connected Local Communities strategy and our goal to support local people on a global scale.

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