Vidflex™ Helps Organizations in Response to Impact of COVID-19

Sep 14, 2020 7:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

Community organizations, sports associations and businesses continue to face unprecedented challenges amidst COVID-19 restrictions. However, many have turned to video to maintain their online presence and connectivity with members, fans, and stakeholders.

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Video has become an essential tool for community-based organizations to keep lines of communication open between organizers and the public. Despite physical gathering and travel restrictions, these organizations have begun sharing important news and events via video as a cost-effective and efficient tool.

From fundraising initiatives and non-profit endeavors to sporting events, video offers an unhindered channel to reach new members and engage within a growing community. In particular, the Vidflex™ video platform has provided numerous, diverse organizations with a customizable solution to their video needs. Here are some such organizations that have found recent success with Vidflex™.

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Fundraising initiatives

Raising awareness for social, health or humanitarian causes be sometimes be a daunting task. Getting your campaign in front of the right donors can make a world of difference when trying to reach a monetary goal. Therefore, video can be used as a wide-reaching digital tool to display your initiative in front of philanthropists and generous eyes.

ScotDance Canada (Scottish Cultural Organization for Traditional Dance in Canada) enlisted the participation of their members to reach a goal of fundraising $30,000 to support the Children’s Help Line and Food Banks Canada. With the help of Vidflex™, the national community of Scottish dancers banded together to showcase their Highland dancing talents, featured in popular or recognizable local landmarks across the country. Successful in their fundraising efforts, ScotDance Canada raised a grand total of $50,000.

With video, communities can effectively raise awareness for a number of meaningful causes that benefit not only their members but the public at large.

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Sports associations

No matter the season, there is a sport to please the athletic masses. Even when in-person sporting events are discouraged due to social distancing protocols, fans can cheer for their favorite team from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Vidflex™ also powers Figure It Out Baseball to offer both free and premium videos to athletes and sports enthusiasts. With a substantial library of podcasts, training and strength programs, this sports association connects coaches, recruiters and players to enrich the sports community.

Having faced empty bleachers resulting from COVID safety precautions, Figure It Out Baseball was still able to maintain its online presence and provide interested viewers with steady content.

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Churches and faith organizations

Churches across Canada and the U.S. have reached out to Vidflex™ to help support their live streaming and community-building ministry needs. Notably, Cochrane Alliance church created its own branded video website using the Vidflex Faith™ video platform host and distribute a variety of video content that would be free from conflicting content, inconsistent branding and distracting advertising as is common on large public video sites.


By streaming their weekly services, Cochrane Alliance optimized its reach to attract over 2,000 unique users; a significant jump from its regular 350-450 weekend attendees. This increase in visibility has supplemented the church’s in-person attendance and fostered the efficiency of virtual worship by giving both members and ministry leaders access to:


  • Sermon live streaming
  • In-service chat and online giving functionality
  • Building church community
  • Maintaining control with viewer access restrictions
  • Video library management
  • Hosting special events, e.g. weddings, baptisms, funerals
  • Special interest groups, e.g. youth, family ministry, adult study groups
  • Premium or pay-per-view (PPV) video content, e.g. online retreats, educational courses, concerts

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Musicians & artists

The internet is filled with millions of artists hoping to rise to fame by having their songs listened to by an adoring crowd. Among the dense competition, it’s sometimes hard for even the most enchanting voice or hypnotizing beat to be heard above the roar of equally ambitious artists. So, it helps to have a dedicated platform – or digital stage, if you will – to stand out from the rest.


Guiding Star Global, for instance, is a concert promoter based in Nashville, TN that provides client-to-audience engagement platforms and content delivery solutions to clients in a variety of industries, from healthcare to music & film. As of recently, they use Vidflex™ technology to further achieve their goal of providing clients with creative, innovative and technologically sound video solutions.


Vidflex™ also supports musicians and artists of all genres to gain exposure by sharing music with current and prospective fans. For instance, even niche artists like IshQBector, a Bollywood hip-hop artist, share exclusive content and music videos to expand his audience and earn revenue from his performances.

Another aspiring artist from Eastern Canada, Measha, was looking for a video platform to house her growing catalog of musical pieces. With Vidflex™, she was able to promote her new album on a platform that aligned with her vision for her career in music.

Since concerts and live performances have been postponed until it’s safer for groups to gather in public places, you can give virtual access to music lovers via online ticket sales, live streamed performances and on-demand videos. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, rising star or a household name, video can be an ideal way to showcase your talent to the right audience on an effective channel.

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Streaming television shows and movies account for a large chunk of viewers’ time in front of their screens. With a growing number of Over-the-top (OTT) media services, like Netflix, Crave and Amazon’s Prime Video, the demand for instant viewing continues to skyrocket.

From the big screen to your home theatre, movie theatre chains and entertainment services are able to provide their customers with video content despite having to temporarily close their cinemas to prevent the spread of COVID. This provides customers with in-home entertainment while social distancing, and entertainment businesses with a supplemental revenue stream.

 Sell tickets to your online event.


Keeping artistic inspiration alive when communities need it most, Vidflex™ encourages the appreciation and distribution of creative arts. Local festivals and events can benefit from streaming by offering paid, exclusive or free, public access to workshops, plays, talks and shows.

The Edmonton Fringe Theatre hosted its free, 11-day “The Fringe that Never Was” event this August to celebrate diverse art forms and gather virtually to connect as a community. Through video, attendees were given access to live streamed performances, interviews and variety shows.

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Science centers

In response to challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, science centers have turned to video applications as a method of continuing their educational and interactive programs. Said programs aim to promote physical and mental wellness among youth while giving participants the opportunity to learn in a hands-on, digital format.

Vidflex ™ recently helped Calgary and Edmonton’s science centers go online with new Virtual Summer Camps programs. The programs, powered by the Vidflex™ video platform, allowed both science centers to continue providing fun and engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEM) summer camps this past summer amidst COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Calgary's TELUS Spark and Edmonton's TELUS World of Science are now able to offer educational and entertaining programs with children mentorship and self-led experiences online.

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Virtual conferences and online learning

Responding to the overwhelming need for companies to keep business running as usual, Vidflex™ supports professional training and networking, as well as academic development to keep our minds sharp and career prosperous.

In an educational setting, Vidflex™ has provided an educational video platform for Horizon College & Seminary in Saskatoon, SK, to offer more robust online learning options. Now, they can accommodate students who want to blend learning with everyday life by offering students the opportunity to attend classes remotely either in real time through live-stream or on their own time through video-on-demand. Additionally, the institution can use the platform to keep students and stakeholders updated on news and events.

Capable of rising to diverse organizational goals, including live streaming, monetization and community building, video is a versatile digital tool that supplements in-person event attendance. Ultimately, as the social landscape currently changes, virtual communication and socialization transition from luxury to necessity. Ensuring your organization has said necessary tools to endure challenges and continue day-to-day operations can make the difference between cessation of operations and long-term success.

Visit our website to learn more about how Vidflex™ can help minimize the impact of COVID on your organization’s goals.



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