Maintaining Your Digital Presence Post-COVID Crisis

May 6, 2020 9:09:02 AM / by Kevin Roberts

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COVID-19 has been the driving force behind a global shift to virtual communication for businesses, communities and even churches. Prior to social distancing protocols, organizations were free to choose to what degree they utilized video conferencing and other digital platforms to communicate. However, mandated remote work and restrictions on in-person gatherings quickly made online tools a necessity rather than a convenient alternative.

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Reliance on video conferencing

Video conferencing tools have become staples in both corporate and non-profit communities, allowing many organizations to maintain business continuity amidst social challenges. According to the Economist, the wildly popular video meeting tool Zoom has drastically increased in popularity; noting a 49% increase in its share price while the majority of other sectors suffer losses.

In addition to the popularity of Zoom, Google (Meet, Hangouts and Duo) and Microsoft (MS Teams) also have similar platforms to meet the personal and professional needs of customers. Both companies have released bespoke versions of video conferencing to provide users with a secure virtual gathering place to collaborate and communicate. Moreover, to satisfy the overwhelming demand for such services, certain platforms have offered unpaid extended capabilities like hosting larger groups, or even altogether free of charge.

Fortunately, certain video hosting platforms have risen to this demand by supporting Zoom’s capabilities with additional features that include live stream inputs and the ability to provide access to an unlimited number of viewers regardless of file size.

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Sharing via video

Through social media networks, expanded media centers and streaming services, the world has turned to a visual method of communication to share their stories, inform one another and entertain the masses. Even celebrities took to video to live stream personal updates, read stories to children, support frontline workers and perform musical pieces to help the world through this difficult time.

With video, the social impact of self-isolation and quarantine seemed to be slightly less severe as we could see familiar faces and understand that we’re not alone.

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Changing virtual landscape

It is quite possible that managers and employees alike have taken notice of the benefits of remote work while traditional office work weeks appear to be increasingly unnecessary. Ultimately, workers and business owners are beginning to realize that they can save time and money by lifting the need to commute, as well as relieving expensive overhead costs of leasing or owning office space.

Innovation and social change are quite often sparked in the face of adversity. For instance, following World War I, women entered the industrial workforce for the first time. Subsequently, as it pertains to today’s technologically dependent era, events of World War II piloted the first-ever computers and changed the course of society as we know it today.

Suffice it to say, our resilience to challenging times provides us with the motivation and ingenuity to explore better ways of doing things. Perhaps it will be noted in future history books that 2020 was a year that accelerated a global digital presence with the versatile adoption of new practices.

A takeaway from what has otherwise been a challenging period of our lives is that using video to facilitate virtual meetings and promote community activity has been ushered to the forefront of standard operations. What started as resourcefulness and adaptability will undoubtedly be regarded as the norm to promote efficient and effective communication.

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But what if you want more control?

As you move forward with your virtual platform, maintaining control through brand preservation and secure audience management can make all the difference. So, choosing a service that allows you to customize features while ensuring a high level of security can offer users the added value of familiarity and peace of mind.

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