Investor Relations: Share Your Success on a Secure Video Platform

Mar 12, 2020 11:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

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Shareholders expect—and deserve—timely and accurate updates on how their investment is performing. As investors protect these investments with thorough industry research and financial analysis, it’s the responsibility of company executives to communicate corporate developments as they emerge.


Complement Your Corporate Message

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How you choose to connect with your investors is a decision that can either distort or enhance your vital messaging and position as a trusted business leader. As such, providing investors, employees and other stakeholders in your company with the information they need to maintain confidence in your management and operations is of the utmost importance.

Additionally, the format and channel used to disseminate information can be just as valuable as the report you’re presenting. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep pace with the digital world in which we live, by offering investors their preferred method of receiving quarterly or annual updates: Video.

Though there has to be something said about the traditional—albeit more personable—modes of communication consisting of purely written and verbal updates, these tools are becoming increasingly obsolete over time.

Alternatively, business executives are turning to the highly popular digital sphere to host meetings with their shareholders. By utilizing technology to simultaneously reach both domestic and international investors, you now have the unprecedented tools to connect in an engaging, effective and efficient manner.

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Secure Sensitive Information

The most feared word in business today is “leaked”. Thus, when considering video hosting platforms, it’s crucial to research providers that have added protection against external threats. The benefit of offering a digital means of receiving information is lost if your investor doesn’t feel safe accessing any given link.

Similarly, it’s your duty to ensure that your company records are only being seen by the privileged eyes granted access to private reports. Exclusivity protects the interests of both you and your investors by restricting the visibility of your presentation to a select group.

Rather than, say, posting a public video on YouTube for the world to see (or alternatively, posting a video on a public site using a private link), you can keep control of who views your content to preserve its confidentiality and integrity.

Managing permission rules when sending a link to your limited mailing list guarantees your chosen audience is the only one privy to inner knowledge of your company.

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Keep Control of Your Business

Once you grant select viewers access to your shareholder or internal update, you can either live stream the presentation or upload a pre-recorded event—each of which holds its unique value.

  • Live streaming gives your investors a timely, real-time update, whereby all those involved can receive information simultaneously. 

If an investor is unable to access the live stream for an array of reasons, you can convert this into a video on demand so users can watch it at their earliest convenience.

  • Pre-recorded video limits the amount of real-time engagement in the interest of keeping to a schedule. This also prevents the meeting from going off-track to keep its purpose on point.

Moreover, not having to adhere to strict start times or the unforgiving nature of a live broadcast, allows for more rehearsal and the ability to edit any human or technical errors.

Both options have the capability of archiving the recorded video for easy access later—storing exhaustive company records for reference and comparison.


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Exceed Expectations

To meet the technologically advanced preferences of your investors, you can rise to their expectations be delivering company updates in a professional, yet digitally savvy way that speaks to your adaptable and innovative leadership style.

As well, making an efficient use of your resources conveys a respect for time and money, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by your investors. This sense of appreciation and receptiveness to your digital communiqué can be examined following the presentation with a multitude of analytics that offer insight into how many investors watched the update and for how long. With this knowledge, you can fine tune your video for enriched engagement.


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