Build a Branded Online Video Platform (Media Agencies)

Jul 8, 2021 7:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

BrandedPlatform_MainBuild your online video platform without limitations

Instead of being limited by public streaming sites or social media platforms, an online video platform allows you to build large video libraries while growing your digital network of content creators.

Build a branded stand-alone video platform or as an extension of a current website to keep viewers on-page without distractions from competing or irrelevant content.


Although social media is useful when pushing out messaging about your new & exciting videos, it’s important to have a branded online video platform to direct viewers toward your own media center.

From sporting events to church services and live performances to corporate events, specialty platforms make it so that you don’t have to rely on crowded social media sites to attract viewers.



Building a branded online video platform gives you the freedom to:

  • Share access to sensitive information discussed in Town Hall and AGM meetings
  • Enable high security through private access restrictions for on-demand videos 
  • Protect your content by controlling audience engagement and enhancing client service 
  • Retain 100% of your revenue so that you and/or your clients keep every dollar of advertising, sponsorship and pay-per-view or subscription sales

After all, content creation and management are expensive, so make sure you are fully compensated for your hard work. On top of that, your platform gives you robust video management options – something public streaming and social media sites just can’t offer.


Plus, you'll have virtual business tools to effectively:

  • Organize your video library with built-in tools and customizable options
  • Attract more viewers by delivering live and on-demand videos
  • Easily create, manage and grow your digital network
  • Generate revenue from your video content through pay-per-view, subscriptions and advertising
  • Promote your unique branding

Visit our website to learn more about building an online media center for your video production company or media agency.

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