Sports Video Management: Level the Playing Field

Mar 3, 2020 11:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

Your athletes strive for excellence on game day, just as you should when managing your team’s online videos.

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From live streaming games to creating new revenue streams, your video platform has the ability to not only increase your exposure, but also to launch a competitive athletic enterprise. Giving your fans unrestricted access to your players, team or league announcements and game highlights, fuels the fire necessary to start or maintain a winning streak.


Reaching and Engaging Fans

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As elite athletes—as well as successful team managers and owners understand — fandom contributes immense energy to inspire and motivate players to push themselves physically and mentally. Although fans are vital to a team’s unbeatable spirit, the cost to effectively reach and engage with hometown fans in your city or remote fans cheering you on from abroad, can become an intimidating expense.

Making a smart investment in expanding your team’s supporters can yield exponential returns in the form of ticket, pay-per-view or subscriptions, and memorabilia sales. Knowing where to allocate finite financial resources is no different than deciding on the salaries of your athletes—you need to back a star player with the right incentive.

Therefore, hosting your sports feed on a platform that reaches the most fans possible makes the best use of your money, which in turn frees up your budget to spend on athletic training and conditioning, scouting talent or revamping your team’s facilities.

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Sports Calendar Management

Whether you’re responsible for managing a single team’s season or many schedules within multiple conferences, making an efficient use of your time can save hours of frustration. Being able to easily update, organize and publish event details creates an excellent experience for your viewers. So, when choosing a video platform, you might want to enquire into whether the following features are provided:

  • Gender, sport, team and event tags to automatically categorize videos
  • Branded team logos for a professional look on every calendar and event page
  • Manage venues, leagues, divisions and conferences
  • Auto-import schedules for lightning-fast calendar creation

These customizable, functional attributes will make your life easier and keep your team’s image consistent so that fans can effortlessly follow and watch your video library.

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Earn Revenue From Your Videos

To supplement ticket, merchandise and concession sales, implementing a convenient way to offer games and sports content to fans can improve your organization’s bottom-line.

By recording and subsequently streaming games—live or on-demand—you’ll have the opportunity to maximize the return on your investment. Rather than rely on in-person attendance, which can suffer due to inclement weather conditions, conflicting personal and business schedules, mobility issues or fans abroad, you can offer digital content so that a single game isn’t missed.

For those of us who regularly miss home games while we’re away on business trips or vacations, accessibility to live or past events on our mobile devices means never having to lose out on being a part of the excitement.

Once you have an event recorded, you can offer viewers the choice to either pay for your videos through a pay-per-view or subscription monetization model, or generously give your die-hard fans access to your team’s hot-streak for free.

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Improve Your Team Videos’ Visibility

Maximizing the functionality of your video library encourages fans to search, view and share your videos. By incorporating filters, categories and sliders on your website, it makes it easy for viewers to retrieve specific games, seasons and even sports. Removing any barriers to your content like disorganized video galleries, improves your visibility and boosts repeat viewing.

Sports video management—despite the numerous reasons discussed above—is often overlooked or paid little attention amidst the challenges of practicing and performing. As such, while your athletes give it their all on the field, ice or court, you can be the champion of their front-facing success and growing fandom!


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