Attract Viewers to Your Live Performance (Virtual Concerts)

Jul 30, 2020 7:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

In 1969, the legendary Woodstock music festival gathered 500,000 fans to make music history. Now, imagine how many more eager fans would’ve tuned in live to experience the three days of iconic performances if streaming services had existed. Millions of people would’ve likely been able to watch in awe as Janis Joplin’s voice sent chills up their spines or reveled in the energy from The Who’s timeless set.

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Regardless of whether your stage is in a home studio, local venue, outdoor festival or stadium, audiences from around the world can now appreciate your talent in real-time.

Grow your fan base

Concerts and festivals showcasing a variety of artists with a unique voice, musical ability, comedic skill or penchant for dance can benefit from reaching more viewers, virtually. With video, event promoters can increase prospective attendees while artists take advantage of their growing fan base.

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Live stream your performance

Giving fans a real-time concert experience from the comfort of their homes is the next best thing to hearing a live performance. Since budgetary, travel and mobility restrictions prevent many music fans from participating in their favorite band or artist’s show, providing live access to your event promotes inclusivity.

Ultimately, fans will appreciate being given an equal opportunity to hear live versions of their favorite songs, from their favorite artist: you!

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Just as you’d sell tickets to a concert or festival, admission live performances can be purchased at different levels of access, including:

  • Regular pay-per-view (PPV) admission to single or multi-day events
  • VIP access to premium content, including encores
  • Virtual backstage passes
  • Interviews with artists
  • Exclusive access to a behind-the-scene look, like sound tests and rehearsals
  • Pre-roll and banner ads

Depending on the financial goals of the promoters, venue owners and artists, one or more of the above options can help actualize your vision.

Tip: The right platform will let you keep 100% of the revenue you earn from advertisements.

Vidflex platform on a screen showing a Pay-Per-View video

Own your virtual stage

Publishing videos on public streaming service sites like YouTube might seem cost-effective, but the freemium model comes at a price. On top of that, you don’t have as much control over your content as you would with a private or “white label” platform.

Many benefits exist when you host your videos on a customizable, branded website, such as:

  • Control which and how many ads appear to viewers
  • Increase visibility by avoiding competing videos
  • Repurpose live streams as on-demand content for later purchase
  • Access controls and restrictions

As you can see, owning a video website puts you center stage and maintains a much-needed capacity for control. After all, your creativity deserves to be presented and shared the way you intend it to be.


Video redefines how artists attract new viewers and engage with existing fans. No longer do organizers of live performances have to rely on filling seats. Instead, they can transcend travel, scheduling conflicts and physical gathering restrictions to reach people at their convenience, in the comfort of their homes.

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