The Virtual Boardroom (Succeed with a Corporate Media Center)

Sep 24, 2020 7:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

Video has transitioned from corporate luxury to necessity. Without the technological advantage that video provides for companies both small and large, remote work, international digital connectivity and virtual company gatherings wouldn’t be possible.

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Implementing video into daily operations allows teams to stay connected, management to keep a close eye on productivity and overhead costs to be drastically reduced. Further to these points, creating a centralized video-powered media center affords companies to use their financial and human capital resources most efficiently on a secure network.

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Private video network

Compared to free services that host your videos on a public space, creating your corporate media center on a private platform provides a much-needed level of security and confidentiality. In particular, internal communications and sensitive information are kept within your company’s network while only specific people are given access to the content. Restricting access to such information prevents the competition from getting a hold of your business plans, goals and developments.

Ensuring that employees and stakeholders are the only ones privy to proprietary information creates an exclusive network amongst your team and protects valuable insights. That means any training sessions, shareholder announcements or strategy meetings are upheld to strict confidentiality measures.

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Remote workers

As recent social developments have dictated, there has been an unprecedented need for virtual gatherings. Acting as a silver lining to an otherwise overwhelming situation, companies have realized that certain fixed and variable expenses including travel, office space and utilities — are unnecessary. Challenging the traditional view of forty-hour work weeks spent in an office or cubicle, video has quickly replaced the way in which many managers approach managing their workforce. With productivity remaining constant across many industries, this cost-effective digital alternative has sparked wide-spread innovation and adaptability.

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Customizable to your business needs

Finding a video platform to power your company’s online media center requires some research. It’s important to determine what features are essential in pursuing short-term targets and long-term goals.

To be fully prepared with a versatile video platform, posit the following:

  • Does your company have an international presence that requires a multilingual site equipped with subtitles?
  • Is there a need to coordinate live streams across various time zones to simultaneously reach remote locations without anyone missing a meeting?
  • Are your company website’s branding guidelines upheld to maintain brand consistency and familiarity?
  • Do you need secure log in access for different groups to stream or distribute internal or sensitive information – such as through shareholder reports, Town Hall meetings, AGMs or virtual conferences?

Considering what tools you need to meet current goals, as well as to anticipate future needs as your company grows, will keep your business running as usual — even in the face of adversity.

Choosing a video platform to build your company’s media center should promote efficient and effective use of your time and resources. So, it’s advisable to explore options that make video management simple and easy, even if you don’t have coding experience. After all, the goal is to save time, energy and money with video, not to add a series of frustrating tasks to your daily routine.

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