Increase the Worth of Your Website (Value of a Video Platform)

Mar 24, 2020 11:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts


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If you’re a fan of home renovation shows, you know that sometimes it’s not advisable—or even feasible—to add an extra story on a house. When you can’t build up, sometimes it’s better to start building out.

The same can be said about video hosting. Although it might seem efficient to host videos on your current website, it’s not guaranteed to add value to your current proposition. That’s when having a separate video hosting platform becomes your next logical step.

In this blog, we list the following five reasons for you to expand your brand by having your very own video website:

  1. Improve Visibility
  2. Reach Larger Audience
  3. Expand Your Video Library
  4. Maintain Branding
  5. Maximize Revenue

Not only will these reasons give you a different perspective on how you showcase your video content, they offer insight on how to propel your current online presence with added value.

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  1. Improve Visibility

Stepping away from potentially cluttering a website you and your developers have worked so hard on building is a step in the right direction.

When people think of scam websites, some attributes that are commonly shared are: over capitalization, inconsistent font and coloring and—you guessed it—an overwhelming amount of content on a single page. As we have come to realize, as mere humans, we can only process a finite amount of information at any given time. When we are overloaded with sensory stimulation or are required to absorb large quantities of facts and numbers, we get frustrated and remove ourselves from the source of aggravation.

Think about Google’s minimalistic layout and theme for their search engine—even with virtually endless resources, they understand human psychology and how we react to clean, organized information. Therefore, following this tech giant’s lead, it makes sense that we should present only what is necessary to convey our message. Anything more becomes a distraction or an aversion.

In the context of your own website, this minimalistic design philosophy can help you concentrate your messaging and allow another host to take care of presenting more stimulation to the world.

 Group of people icon with video play buttons. Reach a larger audience.

  1. Reach Larger Audience

Remember, a video website is not an entirely separate entity from your business, brand or website. It simply offers a systematically effective way for viewers to search, watch and share your videos without feeling dazed by too much, too soon.

Also, having your own space to showcase your content gives you the undivided attention of viewers. As you keep control of the structure of your website with only branded videos you’ve posted, it removes the temptation for viewers to exit your video to watch something from your competitor.

If you’re trying to woo viewers, having your own video website is like inviting them to a one-on-one romantic dinner, whereas a public streaming site is more along the lines of a hectic speed dating event—they won’t get to know you and you’ll only get their attention for a few seconds before they move on to the next person.

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  1. Expand Your Video Library

If your current website is suffering from slow load times, it might be deterring viewers from sticking around to watch your videos.

By creating a supplementary video website, you can access more bandwidth for prompt streaming, which will encourage your audience to search, watch and share.

Even if you’re just starting out and only have one, two or a few videos to display, planning for success by anticipating quick and substantial growth in your library will allow you to expand without the growing pains of restrictive hosting capabilities. For instance, you might want to start a VOD series with a nifty slider.

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  1. Maintain Branding

When you have control over your video website to customize and personalize the theme and imagery, you have the ability to preserve your brand value.

Rather than be at the mercy of a host streaming company that has their own best interests at heart, you can claim ownership of your video website. This will give you the freedom to choose ads that complement your image and avoid being subject to an oversaturated or conflicting platform.

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  1. Maximize Revenue

Chances are if you’ve considered hosting your videos on a separate website, you’ve been tempted by popular “freemium” models. If such companies were transparent about their terms, there wouldn’t be a need to add “-mium” and it would just be called “free”.

The problem with this monetization method is that even though you don’t have an ongoing fixed cost, you might be losing out on future revenue when big streaming companies continue to keep large amounts of your money for the life of your videos.

Therefore, you can consider the following question to help make an educated decision: Do you want to invest in your video business now or share your revenue over time? It’s just like deciding whether you want to own your home or rent—a larger upfront cost means doing what you want, however you want, without having to answer to anybody or ask permission to make changes necessary to feel at home.


Rather than dilute the established value of your brand or crowd the information presented on your website, reallocating videos on its own webpage gives you clearer visibility and capacity to grow.


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