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Apr 27, 2020 10:29:11 AM / by Kevin Roberts

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Life.Church’s Church Online is a free streaming platform that has seen a sudden rise in popularity as more than 25,000 churches have signed up for their service since March 2020. Responding quickly to the need for church service streaming as a result of the COVID-19 social distancing, Life.Church has helped countless churches maintain control by providing a space to continue sharing their message. This faith-based video platform gives churches the opportunity to embed a third-party streaming code to begin broadcasting their services, community uploads and announcements to a wide audience.

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Vidflex Faith™ is your trusted third-party provider

Vidflex™ takes you to the next level of building daily community through your own media center. Although it might be tempting to enlist a free third-party video platform like Youtube, Vidflex Faith™ is a secure video streaming provider that helps you power your Church Online experience while giving you more features and control than free streaming platforms. Ultimately, a service that meets your needs and understands your unique faith-based goals can ensure you build a strong, connected community in your church.

For customers looking to connect their Church Online platform with a robust third-party video hosting and streaming service, Vidflex Faith™ offers a comprehensive service to enrich your message, enhance your reach and promote connectivity amongst your church community.

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Video on demand (VOD) management

Designed to meet the needs of churches and faith-based organizations, Vidflex Faith™ comes equipped with innovative features that facilitate live streaming, video on demand (VOD) and asset management. This way, your growing video library will be managed with a versatile format that speaks to your viewers’ preferences and encourages sharing. Since Church Online is a gateway for viewers to view content, Vidflex Faith™ takes it one step further by offering a place to catalog and archive VODs for future viewing pleasure.

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Content control

In particular, you maintain control over the environment that your videos are hosted within, which preserves your church’s values and beliefs. Upholding a high level of control over content in a secure environment allows you to avoid the distractions of secular content and advertisements. As such, preserving a direct association with your church’s mission is of the utmost importance when building awareness and recognition.

Vidflex Faith™ gives your church the ability to facilitate online giving too, through an easy-to-use payment gateway. This gives your viewers an easy way to help support your church’s ministries, even when in-person assembly is not possible.

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Premium features

By powering Life.Church’s free service through Vidflex Faith’s robust video platform, your church opens up a world of possibilities including secure storage and access, audience controls, audience chat capabilities and VOD asset and series capability.

On top of these premium features, Vidflex Faith™ provides added value to your church by making it easy to:

  • Schedule sermons and events
  • Stream special occasions like weddings, funerals, as well as community and holiday events
  • Implement access restrictions
  • Host prayer meetings and Bible studies
  • Engage church members of all ages from children to youth to adult groups

Building on Church Online’s engagement capabilities like multi-language options and live interaction with your ministry, Vidflex Faith™ provides a complementary platform to expand your following. Vidflex Faith’s team even builds your church’s platform for you, reducing the need to have an onsite technical service team.

Visit the Vidflex Faith™ website to learn more about how our platform can complement your Church Online streaming service.

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