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Jul 22, 2021 7:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

If we’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s that the digital age is upon us. As we become increasingly reliant on technology to connect with customers, it’s important to be equipped with a virtual toolset that helps you reach and engage with your audiences. The most important of this virtual toolset is, of course, video. 


Following this digital trend, some of the world’s most famous museums and science centers are supplementing their in-person visitation with virtual tours, exhibitions, programming and video libraries, including The Louvre in Paris and The Met in New York City.

So, following the lead of these world-renowned leaders of culture and art, building an online video platform might take your museum or science center to the next level.


Virtual museums & science centers

Born out of necessity when in-person gatherings were either prohibited or restricted, video is still the preferred method of communication. In fact, optinmonster notes that 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their websites and 80% have seen a direct increase in sales. These statistics indicate that video can help diverse businesses and organizations improve patronage and generate more revenue.

In particular, museums and science centers have already started to make the move to a digital space by building bespoke virtual media centers. Capable of hosting large libraries of engaging and educational video content, these virtual centers enable museums and science centers to supplement in-person attendance.


Enhance your visitor experience

By building a comprehensive video-powered virtual media center, museums and science centers can upload, organize and share literally an unlimited number of videos that showcase virtual:

  • STEM learning programs
  • Exhibits
  • Art and interactive galleries
  • Tours
  • Special events & galas
  • Lectures & demonstrations
  • Live & on-demand videos

That way, people can attend virtual events, exhibits, and programs from the comfort of their homes - designed to maximize convenience and accessibility despite conflicting schedules or travel restrictions.

Not only can museum curators and science center program directors expand their virtual media center to meet the needs of diverse audiences, you can also give viewers user-friendly filters and video sliders/galleries for easy searching.


Generate revenue from virtual ticket sales, e-stores & advertising

In addition to providing viewers with free content to improve visibility and engagement with the public, museums and science centers can offer paid access to premium videos via subscription or pay-per-view purchase options. Depending on the preferences of your audience, you have the flexibility to charge for videos the way you see fit. 

Additionally, if an e-store is part of your revenue strategy, having a built-in page on your website alongside your video library is an ideal way to sell merchandise while keeping viewers entertained and engaged. 

Also, you can control your advertising strategy by selling pre-roll and banner ad space to appropriate vendors. By keeping control, you won’t need to worry about having off-brand or distracting ads on your videos that might deter viewers from staying on your website.

When choosing an online video platform provider, keep in mind that you should be able to keep 100% of your ad revenue. Most public streaming sites don’t give you that control, so it’s best practice to stick with a private host that lets you retain all of your money. After all, it’s your content!


The future of museum and science center management 

Video has been proven to be an efficient and effective method of communication among museums and science centers all over the world. Following this trend, organizations that haven’t yet made the transition to a virtual media center might experience decreased attendance in comparison to their competitors with a virtual presence.

So, to keep visitors coming back while expanding your revenue streams, video can be the way to accomplish these and many more of your short- and long-term business goals.


Visit our website to learn more about building a video-powered virtual media center for your museum or science center.

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