Build Your Post-Secondary Institution’s Online Video Media Center

Apr 29, 2021 7:39:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts


Universities, colleges and trade schools – like yours – can benefit from having a customizable online video platform to host and manage a large library of videos – how you want, when you want, and to whom you want. 


Connecting Academic Communities with Video

An online video platform is an essential digital tool to offer post-secondary students and faculty members a virtual platform to teach, learn, share and communicate.

The versatility of such a platform enables post-secondary institutions to build both academic and extracurricular media centers to meet their diverse collegiate needs – all on a platform customized with your school’s colors and logos - or even featuring your mascot to boost school pride.


Live & On-Demand Online Classes

Supplementing in-class courses with an interactive method of online learning not only makes it easy to coordinate virtual curriculums for local students, but it also allows your institution to reach international students where they live – rising above the limitations of time zones, travel and on-campus accommodations.

Online learning provides administrators and teachers with the ability to:

  • Grant private access restrictions to registered students
  • Scale their video library to accommodate the growing needs of their school
  • Build department-specific pages with custom galleries and sliders
  • Organize course content by category or date

An online video library makes course material accessible to both domestic and international students by delivering classes via a versatile method of communication. Giving students the opportunity to fulfill program requirements virtually can contribute to overall satisfaction with their academic experience and encourages enrollment.


Alumni & Donor Relations

A video media center is also an optimal way to reach and engage with alumni & donors to keep them apprised of your institution’s success, thereby promoting their involvement as essential members of your academic community.

Sharing success stories with alumni and donors provides them with insight into the achievements of your faculty and students.


Staff Training Media Center

Faculty will appreciate having access to a professional media center, which serves as a resource hub for professors, instructors and school administrators to access training videos, share academic research, celebrate the successes of their colleagues and stay informed about changes in school policies.


Arts & Media

Build a video library dedicated to your institution’s performing arts department that promotes your students’ musical, theatrical and artistic talents.

Sell tickets to live and on-demand performances of student recitals, plays and art exhibitions – or simply share them for free.


School Sports Streaming & Video Management

An online video media center provides athletics associations with a robust video management toolset to reach and engage with fans by offering live and on-demand:

  • Regular season and playoff games
  • Championships
  • Player, team & league announcements
  • Coach & player bios
  • Virtual facility tours

Plus, you’ll have complete control over your monetization options so that ticket sales from in-person attendance are supplemented by selling virtual access to sporting events.


Student Media Communication Centers

Build a tailored media center for both new and current students to promote their academic success.

For current students, offer community uploads to give them a voice and to share experiences that can contribute to the collective success of your student body. Also, this video-powered media center makes communication seamless when posting school news, updates and program information, such as an academic calendar with registration dates.

New and prospective students also benefit from having access to video resources and testimonials that inform them about the application & admittance process, as well as which programs, courses and clubs are offered upon enrollment.


Special Events & Celebrations

A post-secondary media center is also the perfect place to post videos of special school events, such as:

  • Convocations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Competitions, like debate, robotics and mathematics
  • New student orientations
  • Career fairs
  • Campus tours

Online video makes it possible to reach students in our digital age. As such, it’s important to offer a virtual method of learning that suits the demands, preferences and needs of your post-secondary institution’s diverse student population and academic stakeholders.

Visit our website to learn how you can start building your post-secondary institution’s video media center.

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