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Mar 10, 2020 8:24:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

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When barriers exist or arise that either prevent or reduce in-person attendance at an annual general meeting, corporate gathering or conference, streaming your event can be an effective and efficient way of reaching people who are unable to attend.

Capitalizing from the extended reach of online video platforms, your business goals can continue to be met regardless of inclement weather conditions, travel restrictions and unanticipated interferences. Employing online video tools to encourage participation and engagement with large groups of stakeholders can complement in-person attendance or potentially replace physical meetings altogether if conditions warrant.

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Anticipate the Unexpected

A versatile video platform adds value as a live streaming tool for conference organizers and companies, allowing them to reach employees and stakeholders in real time.

For those with a vested interest in your business or industry and who are unable to assemble due to a multitude of unforeseen circumstances, live streaming and video hosting can be ideal solutions to increase or maintain involvement year after year. By implementing a wide-reaching communication tool, you have the potential to anticipate external threats beyond your control and proactively circumvent unpredictable in-person attendance.

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Employee Engagement

Broadcasting and live streaming internal successes, as well as product and service updates, provides employees with valuable insight into their company’s activities. Employee engagement contributes to building a sense of community within the company. As this community is built, participants gain access to conference highlights and previous years’ keynote speakers.

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Live Streaming Your Conference

A live stream can give off-site attendees the real-time opportunity to digest corporate news & developments, reflect on industry trends in a timely manner and feel the inclusivity of being privy to information at the same time as in-person attendees.

Regardless of the location of the conference, people will be able to virtually attend events from anywhere in the world. By transcending expensive airfare & accommodations, travel bans and personal issues, such as illness and mobility restrictions, your business will not be hindered or overlooked. Ultimately, individuals will not need to fear the complications that result from travel—especially international.

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Post-Conference Benefits

Following the conference, participating companies also have the added benefit of cataloguing their content in a video on demand (VOD) format for no cost, or even generating incremental revenue from selling access to special conference events and keynote speaker videos. This revenue can be earned by selling:

  • A conference package
  • Add-on virtual access to recorded events
  • VIP access
  • Pay-per-view access to select content, such as keynote speakers

Opening up another revenue stream can offset the daunting operational costs of holding a conference, thereby improving your bottom line and subsequent likelihood of hosting future events.

This digital method of engaging communication elevates your business goals above the obstacles of everyday life and puts your corporate event in an advantageous position, whereby conference organizers and attendees will benefit equally from the ease of accessibility.


Visit our website to learn more about how hosting your conference on an online video platform can supplement in-person attendance.

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