The Virtual Gym: Home Fitness Via Video

May 20, 2020 7:30:00 AM / by Kevin Roberts

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Many fitness enthusiasts have made the switch from recreation centers to adopting home workout routines. As such, people have embraced technology to meet their daily fitness goals as they prefer to exercise in the comfort of their home while saving time and money on commuting and expensive club memberships or personal trainers.


Allow members to take group fitness classes home with yoga, spin class and strength sessions like TRX or other bodyweight training. Built to your specialty, you have the freedom to offer customers:


  • Premium coaching: Give first-class tutorials to dedicated athletes who don’t mind paying extra for a vigorous workout and detailed instruction.
  • Specialized training: Whether you’re teaching kickboxing, cycling, or marathon running, you can deliver expert training sessions to those seeking to develop specific athletic skills.

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Moreover, with a video platform, there’s an opportunity to provide information on nutrition, wellness, mental health and rehabilitation. These “how-to” documents and training logs can be attached as PDFs to give users added value to improve their overall well-being at home and on the road during vacations and business trips.


Additionally, home fitness provides individuals with a highly sought after sense of privacy, free from the potential judgment, objectification and insecurity sometimes felt in a communal workout area.


Adapting to this trend, several virtual channels have become available to host sports training sessions, as well as countless activity-specific exercise regimens. Broadcasting such interactive videos on popular platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts or with live video apps is rapidly becoming an industry standard and consumer preference.


As an added bonus, a proprietary video platform doesn’t have the same upload restrictions for music as other free social platforms. That means creating a motivational ambiance powered by your favorite playlist.


Even gyms and physical activity franchises around the world have adopted an alternative to in-person exercise. For instance, following the global COVID-19 pandemic, many of these previously lucrative gyms were forced to shut their doors to respect social distancing. Subsequently, many members of these gyms, such as Gold’s Gym and Curves were given free training videos, like myCurves on-demand, to replace their weekly routines. Although this might be regarded as a temporary response to the crisis, it seems that in reducing the need for additional staff and equipment repairs, the future of the fitness industry might build more permanent online demand.

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Make money from workout videos

Interactive home equipment like Peloton and MIRROR, apps like Activity for the Apple Watch and fitness social networks like Strava offer users the ability to exercise from home while simultaneously competing with friends, family and members of large fitness communities.


These devices range in price, compatibility and versatility for users, however, there might be a better platform for content begin earning revenue from their fitness sessions. Ultimately, monetizing fitness videos can be accomplished through:


  • Pay per view (PPV): Offer paid access to single videos so users can pick and choose specific exercises.
  • Subscription: Provide loyal customers with an all-in-one package that encompasses multiple fitness videos. The allure of this cost-effective, all-access subscription will give enthusiasts a variety of different exercises for a well-rounded workout.
  • Pre-roll, banner and display ads: Sell advertising and sponsorship opportunities to on-brand advertisers, like supplement companies and equipment manufacturers.


Depending on the demand for your unique service will dictate the most appropriate form of monetization. This way, your viewers will get the workout they desire and you’ll get the revenue you deserve.


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